Charlie McCoy solo on Waltz Across Texas

Here’s an easy Charlie McCoy harmonica solo on the Ernest Tubb song Waltz Across Texas. To play it you will need a diatonic harmonica in the key of D and country tuned. Country tuning is simply the 5th hole draw note raised a half step. When played in crossharp, this note is changed from the […]

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Easy Harmonica Songs to Play

I thought in this post I would continue where I left off in Play me A Song And Don’t Be A Foot Shuffler and put up a few songs that are not only easy to play on the harmonica but are important songs to know. They are perfect songs to play when asked the dreaded question…”can […]

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Play Me A Song and Don’t Be a Foot Shuffler

How about playing a song for us! How many times have you heard that! There are two things you can do at this moment, shuffle your feet and mumble some excuse about not knowing what to play OR  take charge of the moment and play a song that will put a smile on everyone’s face […]

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7 Reasons Why Playing The Harmonica Is Awesome

I was playing my Hohner Marine Band Crossover today working out a cool Sonny Terry riff. If you haven’t heard of Sonny Terry, check him out. There is a lot of material on youtube and other sites. As I was practicing, I started thinking about what a great little musical instrument the harmonica is. Then […]

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I Don’t Want To Sound Like Every Other Harmonica Player

As a harmonica player, it’s easy to get caught up in listening only to a few favorite blues harp players. We all have our favorites mine being, William Clarke, Little Walter, Jerry Portnoy, Big Walter Horton Adam Gussow and a few others. If I only listened to these great blues harmonica players and no others, […]

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Blues harp Jamming video featured on

A big thank you goes out to JP Allen for featuring my video on his website! We recorded this several years ago and I remember it being done in one take. One take because it was the middle of summer and the bugs were swarming around us. We couldn’t wait to get out of […]

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Draw 2 or Blow 3?

One of the more common questions I receive from beginning blues harp players is whether to use the draw on hole 2 or blow on hole 3. This is a valid question because they are the same note. However, if you play each one and really listen to the sound of the harmonica you will […]

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Tongue Blocking and Juke

Harmonica great Little Walter’s song “Juke” is one of the best and easiest to perform examples of the tongue blocking technique. If you haven’t heard the song, Go and get it right now! Juke is a song every harmonica player should know. I will be creating releasing a lesson on how to play “Juke” including […]

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Unleash The Musician Within You In 3 Minutes Or Less!

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Harmonica Lessons, Harmonica Playing

Take a look around your house. Can you see your guitar or harmonica? Or, is it stashed in some dark corner never to see the light of day until you mercifully unlock it from it’s confines and let it breathe sweet music into your life. One of the most important keys to playing a musical […]

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James Supra Blues Band

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Congratulations to local Lehigh Valley, PA favorites The James Supra Blues Band for winning album of the year for the World Of Harmonica blog!  Way to go guys!

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