Cross Harp Chart

Cross Harp Chart

Use this handy chart to figure out which harmonica to use when playing with a guitar player or band.

If the guitar player says “Hey, we are playing in E” then check the chart and grab your “A” harp. If The guitar player or band is in the key of “A”, simply look at the chart and across from “A”, it tells you to use a harmonica in the key of “D”.

Key of song                   Harmonica to use

C                                                F  

C#/Db                                        F#

D                                                G

Eb                                              Ab

E                                                A

F                                                Bb

F#                                              B       

G                                                C

Ab                                              Db

A                                                D

Bb                                              Eb

B                                                E

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