Harrison Harmonicas

There was a nice piece today on Charles Osgood’s Sunday Morning tv show about harmonicas.   He paid a visit to Harrison Harmonicas in Rockford, IL and showed Their outstanding harmonicas that are state of the art. Fabricated by hand with the aid of CNC and laser machines to cut, bend and engrave the metal, the Harrison B-radical harmonica sounds great and is very strong and well made. The only downside is there is a 6 month wait to get one so if you want a B-radical harmonica, better put your order in now!   During the interview Mr Harrison said “If we can get the harmonica into pop culture, we win”   How true! That is also one of the purposes of this blog and my websites, to get the word out that playing the harmonica is a fun and worthwhile endeavor.    Here’s a link to the Harrison website:  http://www.harrisonharmonicas.com/

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