Don’t Let The Man Get You Down

I have written and erased this post a few times already. Everytime I start typing it comes out as a negative piece about how employers are draining the life out of the common worker by doing more with less people and blaming it on the economy. This has been on my mind since I read a newspaper article today about how companies are showing record profits and showing huge cash balances. Maybe it is true and maybe not. I happen to believe there is some truth to it.

Which leads me to what I wanted to write about and that is don’t let the “Man” suck the life out of you enjoying the good things in life. I have spent much of the last few months concentrating on my job so intensly there hasn’t been much time left over for playing music. I have a huge list of songs I want to learn and musicians I would like to play them with. There are a very small group of musicians I admire greatly because not only did they not let the “Man” keep them down, they overcame and are forging ahead releasing new music projects and looking towards the future. A couple that come to mind are my good friend Mark Taylor , a jazz horn player who tried many times over the past year to gain the funding needed for his new CD project. After several tries he accomplished his goal and is close to finishing his album. The other is a blues lap steel guitar player from my local area Sterling Koch who set his mind to it and managed to get Double Trouble to play on his CD project and put out a smokin’ hot blues album.

These guys didn’t let the “Man” get them down and I’m not going to either.  Let’s forge ahead and not let our lives be defined by where we work.