NOS Hohner harmonicas For Sale

A few years back I had a cool little corner of the interweb where I sold harmonicas and instructional material. It was going well and growing until I couldn’t afford to keep up with the big impersonal music stores and websites. when my wholesale cost became greater than their retail price it was time to close it down. I had some stock left over and I figured I would end up using the harmonicas eventually but with my playing style, I rarely blow out reeds so my harps usually last a very long time.

With all that said, I’ve decided to sell off most of my secret stash of harmonicas by Hohner and a few Lee Oskars. These are all NOS (new old stock) from about 2010 -2012. Most are in blister packaging but a few will be sold with no packaging which is the way Hohner sold them before 2012. All are brand new, never played. I will also have a couple of instruction books available.

Click HERE or on the Harmonica Shop menu and check back now and then to see what I’m adding.