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Unleash The Musician Within You In 3 Minutes Or Less!

23 September 2013

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Take a look around your house. Can you see your guitar or harmonica? Or, is it stashed in some dark corner never to see the light of day until you mercifully unlock it from it’s confines and let it breathe sweet music into your life. One of the most important keys to playing a musical […]

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Use my Handy Crossharp Harmonica Chart

27 August 2010


The question I get asked the most is how to figure out what blues harp or harmonica to use when playing with a band.  I have made a chart that takes all the guessing out of this.  Don’t be the guy on the bandstand frantically testing out harmonicas trying to figure which is the correct […]

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Little Walter Blues Harp Lick

22 August 2010


  This is a video I made for You Tube a while ago. I love Little Walter’s playing and this is one blues harp lick he used often.

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